Olle Holmberg — 7 Years of Bad Luck

A poly-subjective tapestry in variations / Bobby Fisher beats Boris Spassky
I cin cin and chi-ching to his great success Olle’s art seeks to remedy a dumbing-down or simplification of culture And it seems for a moment as though they might be an apparatus of obscure purpose He re-assembles these previously estranged materials Maybe in your case you see it as a continuously reworked cut and paste The collages insinuate corporate diagrams or flow charts Although he may not seem like a Good Capitalist (he dreams of getting rid of all his stuff) Eventually (ostensibly) you can rewire it to be a pleasure loving brain He tells interesting stories (verbally, visually, spatially, sonically or otherwise) that entertain and enlighten I ask the chemist, an old bloke this time, how much it will be? Crispy high tension that runs inevitably into the dirt He likes bushwalking, going to the movies, rocks, poly-subjectivity and the Internet 'Strewth! That's a lot!' I say The accumulation of words, images, conversation, sound, information and history splays out in front of us ' How do you avoid it I ask An insidiousness made more condescending since He does this by upturning the implicit hierarchies Far better in 5 years than I ever managed to do in my 19 years of being an Aussie adoptee Where my step-sister and I tried earnestly to sell trash and broken bits of junk in a back alley behind her house

The work also looks nice The sculptures suggest functionality Invoking The reversal of the magnetic poles through sublimated speckles Brains get so addicted to pleasure To reveal a cryptic message or to serve as a shrine Splintering the tools that builds the house Salvaged trash and could-be/would-be/should-it-be objects It is the grease to the socio-technical mechanisms of our daily working life Olle has somewhat in the last few years reverted back to a pre-historic self
     Annie Wu   
     Helen Hughes   
     Pip Wallis   
     Hannah Schiefelbein   
     Alanna Lorenzon   
     David Mutch   
     Anusha Kenny   
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