Dear Olle,

    Looking at your work I feel that maybe you think the world is strange, which it is; Strange and surprising with lots of things in. That’s why no one should ever be ashamed of being gullible, if someone tells you something incredible why shouldn’t you believe them? It’s much more gratifying not to presume to know all that is possible. It’s possible to see the world as a coherent pattern and it’s possible to see the world as a pile of junk. Maybe in your case you see it as a continuously reworked cut and paste. I had to pause in writing this out because I was trying to eat a piece of chocolate at the same time and the sensation became so overwhelming that I was completely unable to focus my eyes on the words. Brains get so addicted to pleasure, in ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ the author describes how the best way to train a brain out of obsessive compulsive thinking is to force yourself to think a pleasurable thought instead of the recurrent obsessive one, eventually (ostensibly) you can rewire it to be a pleasure loving brain. In the movie ‘The Cove’ there is a story about a dolphin named Cathy who commits suicide by choosing not to take another breath. She shuts her blowhole and sinks down to the bottom of her swimming pool. In this way the film equates dolphin intelligence with human intelligence by the fact that we both have the autonomy to end our own lives. A.J Ayer writes: “A work of art is not necessarily the worse for the fact that all the propositions comprising it are literally false…If the author writes nonsense, it is because he considers it most suitable for bringing about the effects for which his writing is designed.”
—Alanna Lorenzon