Olle Holmberg — 7 Years of Bad Luck

A poly-subjective tapestry in variations / New York City reinstates the death penalty
The infinite web of the universe which has at each vertex a jewel He tells interesting stories (verbally, visually, spatially, sonically or otherwise) that entertain and enlighten To reveal a cryptic message or to serve as a shrine Instinctively, they bunched together and glared He doesn’t eat much, doesn’t need much water and rides his bike with a helmet Where my step-sister and I tried earnestly to sell trash and broken bits of junk in a back alley behind her house But he has skills that will contribute considerably to the lives of the Australian public I cin cin and chi-ching to his great success Maybe in your case you see it as a continuously reworked cut and paste She looks me up and down and says The detritus of technology and industry which make up Olle's sculptures become tools Shake to future boganism By equalising the voices without homogenising them It rejects the streamlining of activity and cognition by mimicking the aesthetics of usefulness And the sensation became so overwhelming that I was completely unable to focus my eyes on the words Cyclonepedia

I often wonder whether the social fabric of Melbourne harbors a subliminal force that has the ability to corrupt But it goes beyond physical space to cognitive space He thinks about things (but not too much) and likes to make you think about things Olle faces the otherwise sober Melbourne art world with his fierce high pitch naivety Salvaged trash and could-be/would-be/should-it-be objects

Holmberg uses found objects often salvaged from dumpsters The edges worn smooth and are starting to tremble The heaviest, dirtiest bass you’ve ever heard In the movie ‘The Cove’ there is a story about a dolphin named Cathy who commits suicide by choosing not to take another breath
     Pip Wallis   
     David Mutch   
     Hannah Schiefelbein   
     Dan Bell   
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     Alanna Lorenzon   
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