Olle Holmberg — 7 Years of Bad Luck

A poly-subjective tapestry in variations / An Urði Fjaru
Olle really likes it here Ergonomic furniture design gave us the swivel, reclining, adjustable office chair Olle has somewhat in the last few years reverted back to a pre-historic self Olle may just be an artist Seems to underpin many of these thoughts too ' I ask him what he means and he says 'Anyone can do it He once walked from Lilydale to Brunswick East I am reminded of a garage sale I held when I was 4 or 5 On the walk I am looking for an open chemist, because I want to get a prescription filled I write to politely ask that you allow the Swede Nils Olle Oskar Holmberg the right to stay in Australia forever Four minutes have gone already '$5.50' he goes He would make a self-sustaining Australian Citizen Focus, the sensation of burrowing through a mountain of hot sand That we both have the autonomy to end our own lives

Waterlogged Rolodex “If the author writes nonsense, it is because he considers it most suitable for bringing about the effects for which his writing is designed” Holmberg uses found objects often salvaged from dumpsters Maybe something like the Mieskuoru Huutajat Finnish shouting men’s choir? — given Olle’s Nordic heritage

That great vast never ending world of pranks and long lost technological mishaps Or are physically encrypted into his drawings In ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ the author describes how the best way to train a brain Ergonomics make sure you work comfortably Harry Smith-style American folk rubs shoulders with Where it ensures our mental processes are engaged most effectively You wouldn’t even notice he was there
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