Olle Holmberg — 7 Years of Bad Luck

A poly-subjective tapestry in variations / The last passenger pigeon dies
And jokes-in-hand approach ready for any image compositional challenge Who are so unfortunate as to be taken by one of my chessmen Olle's work is now endeavoring on a (social)-path-ic state of the unknown He doesn’t eat much, doesn’t need much water and rides his bike with a helmet Where my step-sister and I tried earnestly to sell trash and broken bits of junk in a back alley behind her house And the woman behind the counter, who has a proper Pommy accent, says it'll be $18.95 Holmberg uses found objects often salvaged from dumpsters Lets imagine instead activity motivated by the metaphor of Indra's net Considering the infinite number of microcosms pivoting around different belief systems that coexist on our planet Ergonomics has the numbing effect of making the unreasonable tolerable And the sensation became so overwhelming that I was completely unable to focus my eyes on the words I ask the chemist, an old bloke this time, how much it will be? Another rusted calculator It’s much more gratifying not to presume to know all that is possible Olle's work is anti-ergonomic productivity '$5.50' he goes

If someone tells you something incredible why shouldn’t you believe them? I say, 'I'll have two thanks,' He gives them to me, and I pay him That’s why no one should ever be ashamed of being gullible These objects are useful only for expanding and fragmenting our experience I often wonder whether the social fabric of Melbourne harbors a subliminal force that has the ability to corrupt With such subtle purposeful precision that they appear to have been given a new function

Lilies rot in cheap, flat beer Focus, the sensation of burrowing through a mountain of hot sand The work also looks nice Instinctively, they bunched together and glared I had to pause in writing this out because I was trying to eat a piece of chocolate at the same time It is made from recycled pallets, so they are just like IKEA’s flat packs Opposite his studio and sources images from, among other places, outdated encyclopaedias and his personal collection of photographs An overpowering smell of beer residue - following a healthy point of mental retardation In ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ the author describes how the best way to train a brain And poking a stick in the spokes of a supposedly liberal Australian democracy
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