Olle Holmberg — 7 Years of Bad Luck

A poly-subjective tapestry in variations / Bobby Fisher beats Boris Spassky
Holmberg uses found objects often salvaged from dumpsters That’s why no one should ever be ashamed of being gullible Frequently manifests itself — as with this Burroughs-inspired bricolage — in a cacophony of voices It’s possible to see the world as a coherent pattern and it’s possible to see the world as a pile of junk Ergonomics is a field that charts human capabilities and limitations Maybe in your case you see it as a continuously reworked cut and paste The work also looks nice ' I ask him what he means and he says 'Anyone can do it Looking at your work I feel that maybe you think the world is strange, which it is And a tragic photo-documentary on ‘how to sit down’ moves through a series of morphological transformations That we both have the autonomy to end our own lives Olle's work is anti-ergonomic productivity I'm staying in an old hotel in some city that's cold, there's snow on the ground – probably London Olle has somewhat in the last few years reverted back to a pre-historic self Fiction that runs like piss all the way down your leg Abacus rattles Lets produce less efficiently When we get there Frank shows me some of his new poems I ask the price of getting a prescription filled That our minds don't wander or tire

With his nordic ancestry long forgotten and a pair of track pants on his legs Instead they teeter with a sensational uselessness For as long as I’ve known it, Olle’s art has functioned as a type of cartogram I had to pause in writing this out because I was trying to eat a piece of chocolate at the same time
     Hannah Schiefelbein   
     Alanna Lorenzon   
     Helen Hughes   
     Pip Wallis   
     David Mutch   
     Anusha Kenny   
     Annie Wu   
     Dan Bell