Olle Holmberg — 7 Years of Bad Luck

A poly-subjective tapestry in variations / An Urði Fjaru
The sculptures suggest functionality And the woman behind the counter, who has a proper Pommy accent, says it'll be $18.95 Eventually (ostensibly) you can rewire it to be a pleasure loving brain The accumulation of words, images, conversation, sound, information and history splays out in front of us Olle may just be an artist Maybe in your case you see it as a continuously reworked cut and paste He is familiar with Microsoft Word And jokes-in-hand approach ready for any image compositional challenge Where my step-sister and I tried earnestly to sell trash and broken bits of junk in a back alley behind her house Olle really likes it here Who are so unfortunate as to be taken by one of my chessmen With such subtle purposeful precision that they appear to have been given a new function Fiction that runs like piss all the way down your leg Abacus rattles To reveal a cryptic message or to serve as a shrine Numbers, equations and codes repetitively pop up in Olle’s ideas He re-assembles these previously estranged materials Lilies rot in cheap, flat beer “If the author writes nonsense, it is because he considers it most suitable for bringing about the effects for which his writing is designed” Ergonomic furniture design gave us the swivel, reclining, adjustable office chair Olle’s art seeks to remedy a dumbing-down or simplification of culture Licks the hand that feeds Considering the infinite number of microcosms pivoting around different belief systems that coexist on our planet It is made from recycled pallets, so they are just like IKEA’s flat packs Frequently manifests itself — as with this Burroughs-inspired bricolage — in a cacophony of voices Every jewel in the web contains the reflection of all the other jewels Authorship, in and after the era of Re-mix culture Four minutes have gone already For someone left with only colourful trinkets of rubbish in a spiritually devoid wasteland When we get there Frank shows me some of his new poems And a tragic photo-documentary on ‘how to sit down’ moves through a series of morphological transformations Since his early beginnings of upstanding civilian-ship with a curious eye for the photographic ‘Art patrons’ are duped into performing acts of altruism
     Pip Wallis   
     Anusha Kenny   
     Alanna Lorenzon   
     David Mutch   
     Annie Wu   
     Hannah Schiefelbein   
     Dan Bell   
     Helen Hughes