Olle Holmberg — 7 Years of Bad Luck

A poly-subjective tapestry in variations / WW II starts
I often wonder whether the social fabric of Melbourne harbors a subliminal force that has the ability to corrupt For someone left with only colourful trinkets of rubbish in a spiritually devoid wasteland For as long as I’ve known it, Olle’s art has functioned as a type of cartogram And it seems for a moment as though they might be an apparatus of obscure purpose The heaviest, dirtiest bass you’ve ever heard Olle's collages and sculptures imitate functional workplace objects Seems to underpin many of these thoughts too Transform and mutate foreign minds into malfunctioning machines I say, 'I'll have two thanks,' He gives them to me, and I pay him With such subtle purposeful precision that they appear to have been given a new function You wouldn’t even notice he was there Strange and surprising with lots of things in It rejects the streamlining of activity and cognition by mimicking the aesthetics of usefulness He doesn’t eat much, doesn’t need much water and rides his bike with a helmet Inlaid with squares, sixty four of them with Supa Hi Bounce rubber

Representing his attempts to analyse, articulate and map his complex and imbricating attitudes I bow to his adaptability He would make a self-sustaining Australian Citizen In ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ the author describes how the best way to train a brain

I sense that he's right, but I can't get my head around it He likes bushwalking, going to the movies, rocks, poly-subjectivity and the Internet That our minds don't wander or tire Since his early beginnings of upstanding civilian-ship with a curious eye for the photographic With his nordic ancestry long forgotten and a pair of track pants on his legs I race out of the hotel to find another chemist, and find one just before close He thinks about things (but not too much) and likes to make you think about things To reveal a cryptic message or to serve as a shrine We walk back to the hotel and he is talking about artists I haven't heard of, but they sound great Shake to future boganism
     Annie Wu   
     Hannah Schiefelbein   
     Helen Hughes   
     Pip Wallis   
     Anusha Kenny   
     David Mutch   
     Alanna Lorenzon   
     Dan Bell